Saurial Paladin


Dragonbait’s race is not native to Toril, so there are few like him. He resembles a lizard man, but has a saurian appearance and a big fin on his head. He cannot speak in frequencies low enough for most people to hear, but his emotions can often be guessed at from the various scents he exudes.


Dragonbait, aka Berryman, is a saurial paladin who helped Mortdekai and his former companions escape from the Domain of Dread. He has not been seen since, although Nymara seemed sure he had gone back into the Mes of Memory to further study the philosophy of the Red Mantis Monks.

He reappeared in Silverymoon, where he has been assigned to you as a steward while you attempt to learn the secret behind the Cult of the Dragon’s activities.

After Shasni took command of the Uthgardt Sun Tribes, Dragonbait replaced Olmun as her advisor, as he has significant experience counseling young human women with wild dispositions, e.g., Nymara, Alias of Westgate, etc.


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